Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine

Using Self Hypnosis to Reach Your Full Potential

There was a time when people who talked to themselves were seen as eccentric, strange or downright crazy. Back then, the person was seen as either suffering from a mild form of dementia or having a schizophrenic episode.

These days, talking to yourself is considered less abnormal. Affirmations, self hypnosis or just thinking through a problem out load are actually rather a common practice.

Aromatherapy 101 - Application and Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is one of the most ancient fields of medicine.It came to light in western culture in early 20th century; however, it has been used as an agent of healing since about early 11th century.It is believed to have originated in Egyptian culture.

Can The Soles Of Your Feet Brings You Good Health?

Foot reflexology, or otherwise commonly known as foot massage, aims to prevent or treat health conditions through the application of finger pressure to specific points on the feet. The underlying idea of reflexology is that certain areas of the feet correspond to certain parts of the body, and by stimulating those areas; you can heal and detoxify that corresponding part of the body.

What is Reiki All About?

Reiki is a healing method that became popular in the Western cultures beginning in the twentieth century. It is an ancient healing method that has been used by the Japanese for several centuries. Through Reiki, many people will experience healing, balance, relaxation, and transfers of energy. By knowing how Reiki works, you will be able to use the technique in order to change your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conscious levels.

4 Different Alternatives to Traditional Acupuncture Treatment

People may not be aware that acupuncture did not solely stem from traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. Other countries such as Egypt, Japan and those in Central Europe have also developed terminologies, basis of diagnosis, charts, anatomy and principles relative to their own studies and research. You may be able to find treatment more effective by applying the right modality.

Natural Ways to a Flatter Stomach

There is nothing more annoying than when all those crunches you do don't even create a hint of a six-pack. The fact is there's no such thing as spot reduction from a specific body part. While crunches tone tummy muscles, they wont' lead to a flat belly, which is all about diet and digestion. Here are additional things you can do to help you with your program:

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic healing system which treats the mind, body and spirit as a whole. Ayurveda translates as ‘the science of life' and is still India's mainstream health care system. It works on the philosophy of ‘Prevention is better than cure' and uses medicinal herbs, oil therepies, massage, yoga and meditation together with diet and lifestyle choices for specific body types and temprements - in order to restore and maintain well being.


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