Do You Need Urgent Care Center or Emergency Room?

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Most people who are in New York are always confused whether they should choose New York urgent care facility or emergency room. You likely know when you need to see a doctor, but it may be challenging to figure out what type of treatment you need. In this article we are going to give you reasons and facts between urgent care and emergency room.

Life-Threatening Issues

Emergency rooms are equipped for treating critically ill patients. Scenarios that require an emergency room include any type of extreme pain, severe headache, loss of consciousness, breathing and respiratory issues, abdominal pain, chest pain, changes in mental status, or critical injury. When you visit an emergency room while you are experiencing any of these issues, you will be evaluated by medical professionals with specialized training to handle these situations. You will also be able to receive diagnostic procedures such as CT scans or special X-rays if these examinations are deemed necessary. Visiting an emergency room also enables the medical staff to provide complete treatment, including surgery or hospitalization if the situation warrants.

Non-Emergency Situations

Urgent care center is the appropriate choice for situations that are not true health emergencies. This type of clinic can also be a solution during off hours when you can't make an appointment with your regular doctor.

Minor illnesses, injuries, and traumas are examples of problems that an urgent care center could treat. A cold, congestion, fever, minor laceration, sprain, strain, minor burn, simple bone fracture, diarrhea, vomiting, and non-emergency asthma attack are examples of typical issues. In cases where the problems are non-life-threatening, you might also seek treatment for minor rashes, allergic reactions, and animal bites at an urgent care center. Many of these centers have X-ray equipment, enabling treatment of minor accidents. It's possible to receive simple diagnoses from this type of clinic concerning lab work such as testing blood sugar, urine, and strep throat.

Calling for Guidance

Some situations, such as a car accident, will be so severe that you won't hesitate to visit the emergency room. If you find yourself with a distressing physical ailment during business hours, and you aren't sure where you should go to receive assistance, consider calling your primary physician to describe your symptoms. This doctor has a relationship with you and knows your history, providing an ideal perspective for recommending how you should proceed to get treatment. After you describe the issues, your physician will give you advice about whether you should seek care at an emergency room, an urgent care center, or a standard clinic.

In addition, some facilities offer special services to help patients determine which type of care to seek. By calling a hospital or clinic, you can speak with a medical professional. After you describe your symptoms and issues, the professional will direct you to the appropriate level of care. Remember to mention any current medications that you are taking, so the professional knows the full scope of the situation. These consultations are free and provided at any hour of the day or night.

By seeking assistance at the right facility, you ensure that medical professionals will be able to deliver correct and comprehensive treatment promptly.

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