Beauty Tips, Eliminating Under Eye Circles

The skin directly beneath the eyes is quite thin and sensitive, which makes it prone to damage. Aging and prolonged sun exposure thins the skin even more, which makes the blood vessels much more apparent. A lot of these small blood vessels give the appearance of black circles under eyes.

Home Made Skin Care Tips For Beautiful Skin

There are many home made skin care tips for beautiful skin that one can benefit from. Using homemade skin care products is better for the skin as compared to artificially made creams and medications, as they are more natural and are usually healthier for the delicate skin.

Homemade Facial Masks For Skin

Home made facial masks are very easy to make. There is two types of masks; a relaxing mask and a stimulating mask. Relaxing masks moisturize the skin and refresh the skin. Stimulating masks promote blood flow and firm up the skin.

Glycerin Acne Treatment

Acne is a frequent skin condition that people of all ages suffer from. The acne develops as the oil secreted from the sebaceous glands increases to the extent that it clogs the skin pores leaving the bacteria and dirt to accumulate further. It is a myth that a certain age group only suffer from acne.Several remedies are constantly prescribed for acne treatment however its effectiveness remains questionable.It is condition found commonly among adults to older masses.

Glycerin can be identified as a transparent liquid extracted from animal fat. It basically absorbs moisture from the air therefore it is soluble in water. Generally soap is manufactured using glycerin as one of the ingredient however all soaps do not contain glycerin. The skin care products that do contain glycerin are very good for the skin since they nourish the skin and provide moisture. In addition glycerin is very easy to wash off and does not leave a layer of foam that chemical soaps do. Such soaps also dry out the skin pulling out the moisture that the skin needs to stay nourished. Glycerin is a natural component that can be used as a substitute for soap for cleaning and maintaining the moisture of the skin.

Soap manufacturers generally remove glycerin to improve the appearance of the soap or to add alcohol as an ingredient for fragrance. Such soaps that are artificially produced through chemicals cause dryness induce oil secretion and therefore lead to clogged pores and acne formation. Such products can hamper the skin to quite an extent especially if individuals have sensitive skin. Glycerin can be a very good ailment for acne since it provides sufficient moistures, making the skin more elastic and healthy. It also reduces wrinkles and acts as a pacifying remedy since it does not irritate the skin and washes off easily. Therefore using glycerin for acne treatment should be considered since it carries no side effects and provides the skin what it needs to stay fresh and nourished.

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Seaweed Bath - Give Your Body Its Detoxifying Benefits at Home

A seaweed bath is a wonderful way to detoxify the skin and reduce puffiness. But if the prospect of jumping in a tub full of slimy seaweed isn't appealing, fret not. Most people don't leave anywhere close to the ocean, and even if we did, not many would want to cart home buckets of smelly sea vegetables, then clean up the mess the left behind in our bathtubs.

Alleviate the Dry "Winter Skin Blues"

It may be winter, but that doesn't mean your skin has to be so dry. It's time to put an end to those cold season skin issues! We gathered a list of tips to help combat the "winter skin blues". Check out these 10 ways to take better care of your skin this season.

Male Waxing- No Longer Just for Metrosexuals! Waxing for Men Growing in Popularity at New York !

If you thought the desire to be smooth all over with the help of waxing hair removal was only for the ladies, think again!
As women make it a part of their regular beauty routine to wax unruly hair and reveal smooth skin for their male counterparts, more and more men especially in cities like New York, begin to do the same. Male waxing has become one of the fastest growing popular procedures at Manhattan's top salons, especially for straight men. Technology has evolved to make us sharper, smarter, and quicker, and even look better. So with the stone age being far behind us, so is the appeal of a hairy cave man body.

As men become more aware of the importance of appearances, the growing trend of men’s waxing and hair removal escalates. No longer is it metrosexual and homosexual guys that are brave enough to endure waxes. These days, all kinds of men – straight, corporate, athletes, etc- are making appointments for various waxing services including bikini and brazilian!                                           

“Bikini” and a “Brazilian” wax:
A bikini wax simply means hair is removed from the areas surrounding the genitalia, where as a “Brazilian wax” removes hair from not only the surrounding areas but also from the genitalia itself.

At Dyanna Spa, the boutique salon located on 21st Street between Broadway and Park Ave in the heart of NYC’s Manhattan, there have been more and more men coming in to test the expert services the waxing specialists provide. Men come to Dyanna to remove hair on a variety of body parts including legs, chest, back, arms, underarms, and even bikini and brazilian.

Dyanna Spa has been voted one of New York’s Best Brazilian Waxing Salons by Citysearch in 2008 and 2009, 2010  so it’s no wonder that even men trust the expertise of the professionals to perform such sensitive procedures. Our 23 years of experience in the business, no double dipping policy, unique technique, and privacy policy ensure that all men and women alike receive the best hair removal services in NY.

  Best Brazilian Waxing- Dyanna Spa.VISIT CITYSEARCH!


To learn more about Dyanna Spa's waxing services, for both men and women, please visit:


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