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Hands On Shiatsu Healing

The word 'Shiatsu' is derived from the combination of 'Shi' meaning finger, and 'Atsu' meaning pressure. Simply put Shiatsu is the science of applying pressure on the patient's body by using the fingers, hands and thumb. This hands-on therapy has its origin in Japan and is used as a complement to conventional medicine and also as a preventative or alternative therapy.

Gym Etiquette 101

Let's face it, with the cold weather upon us getting our butts to the gym can be a daunting task. Once we finally show up, being exposed to rude gym behavior can be a huge de-motivator. So in the spirit of making the experience as pleasurable as possible, we've complied a list of our favorite gym-etiquette tips. Observe and spread good workout karma. Fellow members will appreciate the effort.

Spa Etiquette - What You Need to Know

Spa-goers visiting the spa for the first time often need to know what is expected of them as they prepare for their spa experience. As the spa strives to provide the client with a tranquil and safe environment so too the spa-goer has certain expectations placed upon them. To make the spa experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible here are a few simple guidelines to follow:

Restorative Yoga for Stress Management

We now know that stress contributes to a multitude of ailments, such as: headaches, backaches, high blood pressure, stomach disorders, lowered immunity, muscular tension, depression, heart attack, and much more. Stress is definitely a “killer” and the source of many health problems.

How To Form Good Healthy Eating Habits

New Year's Resolutions are the promises we make to ourselves in January of each year, only to find ourselves falling back into our bad eating habits before Easter.

All Natural Beauty Products Made At Home

The big buzz term in the beauty industry right now is "all natural beauty products" - and for good reason. Women (and men) are becoming more conscious of what ingredients go into the products they are using and many prefer simple, natural beauty care.

Natural Ways to a Flatter Stomach

There is nothing more annoying than when all those crunches you do don't even create a hint of a six-pack. The fact is there's no such thing as spot reduction from a specific body part. While crunches tone tummy muscles, they wont' lead to a flat belly, which is all about diet and digestion. Here are additional things you can do to help you with your program:


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