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Kidney Failure - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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Whеn kіdnеуs wоrk thе wау thеу shоuld, thеу рlау аn іmроrtаnt rоlе іn kееріng thе whоlе bоdу сlеаn, strоng, wеll-fuеlеd аnd funсtіоnіng рrореrlу. Соnvеrsеlу, kіdnеу fаіlurе рuts thе bоdу аt rіsk, аllоwіng wаstе tо ассumulаtе аnd wrеаk hаvос, whісh іs whу іt’s а gооd іdеа tо dо а kіdnеу сlеаnsе

Rallying for Recovery: How to Help a Family Member Improve after a Brain Injury

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It’s tough to see a family member go through a serious injury, and brain trauma can make for a particularly difficult recovery process. Not only can a brain injury take months or even longer to heal, but you may find the person you love going through mood swings and other emotional issues.

What Psychological Changes Can You Expect After a Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are caused when the head receives a blow, bump, or jolt severe enough to cause disruption to normal brain function. About 1.7 million people suffer TBIs each year in the United States alone. Of these, about 52,000 results in fatalities. Although falls are the leading cause of TBIs, the second is car accidents. Road accidents account for about 17 percent of TBIs, and 31 percent of fatalities.

Finding Pain Relief: 3 Ways a Chiropractor Can Help

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Chronic pain can be debilitating. The disruption it causes to your normal routines can cause everything from problems at your job to being able to properly care for yourself and your family. Chronic pain has a cause, and just treating the symptoms never provides lasting relief. Here are three ways that chiropractic care can help you with chronic pain relief.

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of The Flu

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There are many ways you can treat your flu symptoms and get relief without reaching for a bottle of green or orange syrup. If you’re concerned about store-bought medications but still want to treat your flu, keep these natural remedies in mind:

5 Ways to Naturally Lower Blood Sugar

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Hyperglycemia, more commonly known as high blood sugar, is a serious risk factor for patients with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. While drugs exist to help manage blood sugar, they are expensive and not without side effects. With that in mind, you may consider taking natural steps towards lowering your blood sugar.

Exercised Too Much? 4 Tips to Help Relieve Your Muscle & Joint Pain

Muscle and Joint Pain tips

Whether it was the touch football game your pals threw together, an extra-long run or all that yard work, there are occasions when your muscles and joints have had enough. Although you know the condition is temporary, it's still uncomfortable. Here are some tips to relieve muscle and joint pain for those times when you've overdone it.


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