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Top Reasons Why You Might Be Experiencing Back Pain

causes back pain

It is estimated that 31 million Americans will experience some form of lower back pain. There could be many reasons, some serious like a back injury, but there are more common and overlooked reasons why you might be in pain.

Trouble Breathing? 4 Conditions You Might Have

causes of shortness of breath

Breathing difficulties or dyspnea contain a wide range of symptoms of mild to severe disorders or conditions that can interfere with normal breathing and respiration. The most common underlying condition of breathing difficulties is a feeling that you cannot get enough air.

Snuff Out the Sneezes: 4 Ways to Help Your Kids Fight Their Allergies

kids health allergies

It is a helpless feeling for parents when their children are dealing with an illness like allergies. When you see them sneezing and crying, it can really break your heart. Fortunately, you do not have to sit on the sidelines like as a spectator when your kid has allergies. There are a number of treatment options available to help kids deal with allergies. Here are four ways you can help your child to fight allergies.

Step by Step: How to Handle Calf Pain When You Run

calf pain

One of the most common problems for runners is calf pain. The two muscles on the backside of the lower leg are the chief area that will become painful when running. This pain could be a sharp burst or a dull ache. 

Advice on Foot Health: Avoid Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain

foot health

Heel pain is often caused by plantar fasciitis, but both of these conditions can be easily prevented. While prevalent, they are painful and can cause the victim much discomfort. The main causes of heel pain are detailed below, along with remedies and tips on how to improve the situation for healthier feet as far as it is well known.

Tooth Ache? How to alleviate tooth ache naturally

How to alleviate tooth ache naturally

A toothache is something that can be very painful and disrupt the daily aspects of your life. Learn about 3 natural remedies that could help alleviate oral pain. While these few home remedies are sure to provide you with some immediate relief, a toothache is not something to take lightly. If the pain worsens, or isn’t relieved consider visiting a dentist.

4 Warning Signs That You Have a Degenerative Eye Condition

A degenerative eye disease causes gradual loss of sight. Sometimes the warning signs are very subtle, and a person may not notice the loss of vision because the process is slow and painless. By the time the disease is diagnosed, enough vision may be lost as to cause a handicap in daily affairs.


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