Seven Secrets To Creating An Effective Diet and Exercise Program

Have you been thinking of going on a diet and exercise program but every time it rolls around your head you automatically think of all your friends who have tried some of these programs but only lasted a few weeks on it?
The reason they have failed is because they set themselves up to fail.

Cardio Exercise Ideas for Weight loss

 Cardio exercises benefit the body in more ways than you could possibly think. This includes strengthening the heart and lungs, increasing bone density, reducing stress, reducing risks of getting a heart disease and cancer, relief from anxiety and depression, getting a better sleep, getting more energy, and most importantly, losing weight. You get all these benefits from cardio exercises because this workout increases the activity of the heart, improves the oxygen system of the body, and requires the body to produce energy by burning fat deposits. However, it is highly recommended that you should know what type of cardio works better for you to get its maximum benefit. 

These exercises are usually done on cardio machines found in the gym. However, you may also purchase a cardio machine for home use if you have extra cash to splurge and extra time to spare. The machines for cardio workout include but are not limited to Treadmills, Stationary bikes, Rowing machines, and Stair mills. These machines will surely boost your heart rate, increase your respiration, and shed off the pounds.

Furthermore, avoid cardio machines like step mills and stair-masters if you have problems in the ligaments on your knees. These machines could aggravate such condition and can do more harm than good. Also, avoid stationary bikes when your job involves sitting for a prolonged period of time as this could cause posture problems and poor blood circulation.

However, if you are the type of person who gets easily bored working out on a cardio machine, why don’t you try doing the real cardio activities where these pieces of equipment are patterned in?   Walk, run, and jog in the park or in a long shoreline instead of using treadmills. You may also do actual biking around the neighborhood or up a hill to replace stationary bikes. And most of all, feel the therapeutic effect of water as you do actual rowing in a river or stream. 

Sports that require intense physical exertion and speed, for example dancing, can easily pump your heart rate at top speed and help you lose weight while having fun. If you can notice, most professional athletes and dancers/choreographers have amazing physique; this is because some are great cardio exercises as well. 

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Got Health Concerns? Try Milk

Milk was your first food, so it hardly seems a cutting edge component of our diets. Still, milk just might be one of the last of the great mystery foods, so rich in nutrients that no one has quite figured out yet how it impacts our bodies and our minds. Keep these benefits in mind during your next trip to dairy department.

What is the different between weight loss and getting stronger?

More and more people are getting health conscious. This could be either because they want to live longer or simply want to look better. Whatever their reasons are, it is important to live a healthy life.

Being healthy means being psychologically, mentally, socially, and physically healthy. This means, you need to touch every aspect of your well being to be called healthy. This article focuses more on the physical health of the person.

As a fitness instructor, it is our standard operating procedure to ask our clients why they enrolled in a gym class. The common answers are “I want to lose weight” and/or “I want to get stronger”.  

I usually advise these two basic concepts to my clients to attain their weight loss goal; these are eating a balanced diet and getting enough workout. I know that it may sound too cliché, but it did become a cliché because it works, right? I usually formulate a weight loss plan that modifies the intensity of their workouts and the proportions of their food intake depending on their body size. The workout routines for these clients usually include aerobic exercises such as elliptical trainers and stationary bikes to help burn fat faster and accelerate weight loss.

On the other hand, clients who aim to get stronger require a more supervised workout routine. If they are obese or overweight, they need to undergo the weight loss program first, that includes aerobic or cardio exercises and a low-calorie meal plan. As they reach their normal BMI (Body Mass Index), they go through a muscle toning program that includes weight lifting and series of workout machines that strengthens the muscles at the back, abdomen, legs, arms, chest, and neck. 

Weight loss and getting stronger may differ from the type of exercises done to achieve these goals. Furthermore, they could also differ from the food being eaten; weight loss focuses on consuming low-calorie foods while eating high-protein and moderate-calorie diets are required if you want to get stronger. 

As you may observe, weight loss and strength promoting regimens are quite related. The primary goal is to lose the body fat first and lose weight, and then proceed with strength training if you want to make the muscles stronger. Losing the fat deposits are important because these fats make our body heavier thus limiting us with what we can do. It would be hard to do crunches with that bulging belly on the way, right? Or lift heavy barbells if all you have are flabby arms instead of triceps or biceps.

Lighter people have more control of their body, thus they can do more activities. Also, strengthening and toning the muscles do not only allow the person to lift the heavy stuff, but it allows them to be more agile as well. The leaner you are, the more flexible you’ll get. 

I always recommend muscle strengthening exercises to all my clients whatever their initial goal was. I explain to them that losing weight is the first phase and getting stronger is the second phase to achieve a healthy life. But, everything does not stop there; I stress to my clients the importance of the third and final phase which is the Maintenance training. 

Maintenance training is basically a combination of weight loss and muscle strengthening workouts at an equal ratio. This final and never ending phase aims to keep the lighter body and the strength acquired from the programs.

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4 easy tips to lose belly fat at home naturally

Celebrities gain and lose weight like crazy. Reese Witherspoon went back to her pre-pregnancy weight in just 8 weeks after giving birth, Matt Demon lost 40 pounds for “Courage under fire” and gained weight for the movie “The Informant”, and who would forget 50 cents who reduced an astonishing 54 pounds to play his role in “Things fall apart”. Well, celebrities do have the time and money to splurge in hiring private fitness trainers, personal chefs to prepare calorie-calculated meals, enrolling in fitness programs, and even having a gym at home. An average Joe does not have the time and money to splurge on those things because the money is intended for something we feel more important like food, education, and mortgage. Below are 4 easy tips on how to lose the belly fat at home naturally and save money.

Tip #1 6 small meals than 3 large meals

Small frequent eating allows the body to burn calories efficiently and helps in easy digestion of food. Also, preparing smaller quantity serving is more economical because aside from the fact that you get to eat just the right amount of food that your body needs to function, it cost less as well.

Tip #2 100 calorie snacks

People usually grab something to eat when watching TV, in-between work, while studying, when depressed, or even when just bored. Snacks are good ways to fuel your body in between activities however, the amount and kind of snacks you munch will definitely have either a positive or negative effect in losing the belly fat. Health professionals advise eating 100- calorie snacks or less. You may prepare 100-calorie snacks beforehand and place it in individual containers so you won’t lose track of the amount of calories you have already eaten for the day. Some examples to give more food for thought are:

  • 1 Fat-free Skinny Cow Fudge Bar (100 calories)
  • 25 pistachio nuts (80 calories and zero cholesterol)
  • 3 oz. low-fat yogurt with 4 pieces sliced strawberries (90 calories and antioxidant)
  • Half mini bagel with an ounce of smoked salmon (100 calories and omega-3)
  • 1 cup or 92 grams of grapes (62 calories)

Tip #3 home exercises

Workout machines that are advertised on TV are quite expensive; some may be effective while others are just empty promises. Crunches from those abs machines alone will NOT going to help in losing the belly fat. A complete full body aerobic workout is the key to make belly fat disappear. Through exercise, your body works double time to burn the belly fat to be converted as energy. Climbing up and down the stairs, jumping jacks, running and playing with the kids, and doing household chores are great calorie burning exercises. Also, you may use the internet to watch and follow free aerobic exercises, dancing, yoga and other workout routines.

Tip #4 Healthy Home

Make sure that your grocery list includes low-fat and non-fat products and low calorie fruits and vegetables. Also, do not buy too much food as this could cause you to consume more. Buying healthy and moderate amount of food ensures that you and your family are eating healthy ad you get to save a lot of dollars because nothing goes to waste.

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A Fat Burning Diet Must Include Breakfast

How many times have your mother, grandmother, teachers or even cereal advertisements told you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day? Well, the truth is they are all absolutely correct, breakfast is more important to you than any other meal you will consume at any time during the day. This is true whether you are starting a fat burning diet plan or focusing for an important meeting or just need energy to study.

Quinoa Is a Great Addition to a Healthy Diet!

If you have never tried quinoa, now is a great time to give it a shot! This tiny seed is often referred to as a super food, because it provides the body with everything you need to survive.


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