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Get Leaner and Stronger With Pilates Band Workout

There are many types of fad workouts today and more coming out year after year. Many promise big results with little effort. The truth is, the only way you will get the body you want to work at it. You can’t get a lean, muscled body without working out, that’s just the way the body works, unless you were blessed with unusually good genes, but still, genes can only take you so far. If you want a fit, lean body, then you have to find a workout that works for your body. If you are looking for a workout that can get you lean and strong, then you should consider the Pilates band workout.

What is the Pilates band workout?

The Pilates band workout incorporates Pilates exercises with resistance exercises using a long elastic band. Some people also use the Pilates ball. This type of exercise can help engage different muscles you normally wouldn't be able to work out with normal types of exercises. It makes your workout more challenging and actually increase its effectiveness.

The problem with many types of workouts is that the body parts you use a lot – like abs, arms, buttocks, and legs – get “bored”. That is because you tend to use the same muscle fibers over and over again. However, with the Pilates band workout, you can wake up these muscles and challenge them.

Starting the Pilates Band Workout

It really doesn't take much to start out this workout. First, you need your resistance band You can choose the band depending on your level of comfort. The lighter bands have less resistance, so it is better for beginners. The great thing about these bands is that as you use them more, you can increase your workout intensity by picking up newer and tighter bands.


There are many types of exercises you can do with the resistance bands. The most basic one is the external rotations. Start by kneeling or standing in a neutral spine position. Keep your legs parallel and about hip width apart. Hold the band on either side of you with the palms up and elbows at the side. As you exhale, rotate the shoulders externally and stretch the band out horizontally. Inhale and return to the starting position.

Another great exercise is the triceps press. Sit down and stretch out your legs in front of you with the feet flexed. Wrap the band over the soles of your feet and hold either end of the band in your hands. Then, keeping your spine straight and hinged at the hip, reach your hands back, lifting the elbows and keeping your arms straight. You can also do a bicep curl in the same starting position, but rolling your lower back down to the floor or mat and bringing up your arms to a 90-degree angle and your elbows at the sides. Inhale when you extend the arms to a parallel position to the mat and exhale when you curl them back.

These are just two simple exercises you can do with the Pilates band. You can find many more that will help you get a fitter and healthier body.

About Author Andew wales is a fitness blogger providing information on topics such as how exercising, mat workout, and barre training to help with different muscle aspirations to keep you updated about the latest in the health and fitness market trends. He is family member of Pilates Sports Center, CA. His favorite qoute is "Energy & persistence conquer all things". His two kids, ages 2.5, and 7. 

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Top 7 Health and Fitness Strategies to Help You Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Health and fitness are a key component in today's busy lifestyle. Good fitness helps you to reduce stress and have the energy you need to get everything done you need to do. The problem is that it's also easy to get stale in your workouts, or if you've never worked out before, you may not know where to start. These strategies will help you start and maintain a fitness program so you not only get the results you want, you will also get the body you want.

Winter Weather Exercise Safety

Winter weather does not have to signal the end of your outdoor exercise. You can continue to exercise outdoors, run through your favorite park and enjoy the fresh air if you take a few precautions to stay safe in cold weather. Get a checkup at your doctor's office and then get out in the crisp cold air for a great workout!

5 Secrets to Ultimate Sit-Ups

fitness benefits of situps

When you start to put together your own home fitness program, you will inevitably be confronted with the issue of Sit-Ups. Nobody really likes doing Sit-Ups and they seem like such and old-fashioned exercise. Surely there is some new high tech device that will let us skip this old school method of strengthening abdominal muscles.

Resistance Band Training

Whether you're on the road, are too busy to get to the gym, or just looking for a good resistance exercise program that won't break the bank; resistance bands may be the answer.

Maximize Workouts with Mirrors

If you are a "serious" exerciser, you're probably already aware of the reasons why you should avoid baggy clothes when you work out: not only do they get in the way when you're trying to manipulate weights or stretch out, but they also completely conceal your body.

In the same way, if you're working out without mirrors, you are approaching your exercise regimen just as blindly. The bottom line is that you have to see what you are working with in order to make sure you are working out properly.

Here are some more reasons why mirrors are essential when exercising and some tips on how to choose the right one for you.

The Magic of Mirrors

When it comes to gym mirrors, there are definitely certain types that are better suited to specific exercises than others.

Fairly Straight Forward & Functional

If your gym consists of a piece or two of cardio equipment (treadmill, elliptical, stair-climber or bicycle, etc.) and a few free weights in the corner, you may be perfectly fine with a single mirror mounted on one wall. This mirror does not need to be mounted close to the floor and as long as it provides a way for you to check your form during your weight-lifting, you should be good.

*Tip: Using a mirror during cardio can give you the motivation to keep going just one more mile. Since we can see ourselves, we realize, "it's not as bad as I thought...I can keep going!"

Head to Toe

For pilates, yoga and other mat-based workouts, make sure you have a long mirror mounted close to the floor that extends at least as long as you do during your extensions and if you can have one large enough to encompass your whole body when standing upright as well, even better. After all, in addition to checking your posture, Scapular Stability and your "V angle" during the Teaser, you can also confirm proper form during Warrior and Pose of the Dancer or Triangle.

Full Body Coverage

For comprehensive disciplines like martial arts and dance, multiple mirrors are best – mount one in front and one on the side to cover all angles, literally!

Sizes and Shapes

Although the most commonly used thickness in the mirror market is ¼" thick, if you order custom mirrors (rather than grabbing something off the shelf at a home décor store, for example), they are just that: customizable to suit your specific needs.

You can adjust the thickness and shape and since mirrors installed in gyms are attached directly on the wall, by ordering a custom mirror, you can include cutouts for electrical outlets, vents, speakers and even TV mounts.

Finally, most gym mirrors do not have decorative beveled edges, but rather a flat polished edge. Nor do they have decorative frames all the way around – the point is to have as little getting in between you and your mirror image as possible so the most you should have is as thin a seam as you can manage if you are mounting multiple mirrors next to each other or a thin band on top and bottom of the mirrors for support.

What type of gym mirror do you want for you workout needs?

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Basis B1 fitness Band. Tracking Your Vitals

Fitness bands have gone through a lot of advancements in the recent years, with products like Smart Waterproof Fitness bracelet and the popular Nike+ FuelBand taking their style and functionality to a whole new level. In addition to tracking your movements they measure many other factors including your pulse, your heartbeat, your body temperature, how many calories your burn and how long you’ve been walking or running. 

Many of these gadgets are designed to target a specific type of athlete rather than appeal to an average sport enthusiast, however there is a new product that just might have a broader appeal. This latest entrant, is the Basis B1 fitness band.

The Basis B1 Band is essentially a digital watch that might first appear and function as any regular digital watch, but that’s where similarities end. It has various sensors that constantly monitor your body activities. It uses optical BPM heart sensor to display current heart rate, the number of steps taken, perspiration sensing, body temperature and the number of calories burned, as well as numerous other factors.

Data recording is one of the best features of Basis B1 Band. The device records variety of data, even while you’re sleeping. The Basis B1 is synced with which you can access through regular internet connection, Wi-fi or through any clear wireless internet service. In order to keep your data recorded, you must first set up an account, but once registered all of your data will be monitored, recorded, and analyzed. You will be able to have access to charts, graphics and other type of visual data based on your various vital statistics that are monitored and recorded 24 hours a day. You can easily see your numbers and how well you did or didn’t do and give you a better understanding what you need to do improve.

Despite Basis being a great device there are few problems that hopefully will be resolved in the future updates. One of these, is the way Basis functions and motivate its users. Basis software uses “habits” to encourage participants to perform certain actions and achieve rewards. You can unlock various habits by setting and achieving specific goals that get harder over time. This can be anything from remembering to wear the watch to finishing certain number of steps in a day. Unfortunately, Basis doesn’t do a good job of keeping track of the habits, and only rewards you once certain habit is achieved. It would be great if there was a way to show the progress you made to help keep you motivated.

Users are encouraged to visit the site and unlock various rewards that tend to get harder over time. However many rewards and habits are very broad and it’s easy to forget and lose track of them. Hopefully in the future versions, the software will be improved and tweaks will be made to make the process of goal achievement more intuitive and much easier to track over time. Keeping things more specific and showing your progress as well as monitoring how well you do along the way will definitely make tracking more useful in the future versions.

There are also plans for both iOS and Android app by the quarter’s end, with a strong focus on adding and improving features. Bluetooth wireless syncing is also in the works, and users will be able receive notification reminders to keep better track of their goals.

The number of health monitors has been steadily growing in the recent years and many do a great job in helping people measure their vital stats and keeping them active. Basis is definitely one of the better devices that are currently on the market and their first version, B1 is a strong competitor that will most likely continue to evolve and get better with future firmware releases and software upgrades.
Also their ability to sync with mobile devices will greatly help future Basis monitor versions to stand out from the rest of the pack. With the current price tag of $199, Basis B1 is a good device for anyone who wants to get more serious about achieving their physical goals and keeping a better track of their vitals.

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