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Exercise Can Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

If you are one of the millions of people that suffer from lower back pain, then you need to know that exercise can do wonders for you. When it comes to relieving lower back pain, exercise provides more long term relief than any back pills that your doctor can give you. The fact is, pills only serve to mask the problem by providing temporary relief of the pain, but the problem that is causing much of the pain is still there. Exercise will strengthen the muscles that support your back and improve flexibility thus greatly reducing the chances of future attacks.

Stretching For Runners - How, When and What to Focus On

learn how to stretch

Stretching can be a relaxing and enjoyable part of your running training. It can also reduce soreness, improve your performance and keep you on the roads or track. Knowing how and when and what muscles to focus on, makes it easy to add flexibility exercises to your workouts.

Tips For Injury Free Running

Contrary to popular belief, running should not hurt your body. It is the way you run that is doing the damage and causing pain. Sadly, for many runners, injury becomes a regular inconvenience and a way of life, something that just has to be dealt with and endured. Running is a sport that has a competitive aspect to it.  When competition comes before knowledge, the goal changes from minimizing stress to the body to minimize running time.  This is when injuries begin to surface.  However, with a little practice on technique, injuries are reduced drastically, stress to the body diminishes, and personal running times can be greatly improved.  Remember, speed comes after form.

Stretching Routine Basics - Guidelines for Implementing a Safe Stretching Routine

People are often questioning whether or not they should to be implementing a stretching routine into their daily activities. The things they should be asking are when and how they should be stretching. Stretching increases your flexibility, which will give you greater range of motion and will lower your chance for an injury.

Love Handles Destroyed - Exercises That Will Transform Your Waistline!

As you'd probably suspect, so called "Love handles" are a problem that goes far beyond the esthetics of being thin. A number of reports appear to suggest that having a "spare tire" or significant love handles can increase your chance of early death by two, sometimes as a result of coronary heart disorders or problems from obesity related illnesses like type two diabetes.

High Intensity Interval Training

When looking for a quicker way to achieve weight loss results, High Intensity Interval Training may be just what you need. A lot of people get used to the idea that in order to lose weight they need to spend hours upon hours on a treadmill getting all the cardio they can get. In actuality, you can achieve those results in about half the time by switching your cardio routine up a bit.

Top Rated Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance bands can be used for a variety of exercises. Not only are they good for general conditioning and adding variety to your usual use of free weights and machines, exercise bands are also good for exercises involving rehabilitation of injury. Because they're lightweight and easy to carry, they are ideal when you're on the road as well.


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