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Aching Joints? How To Relieve The Pain

As stated by the United States Marines, "pain is weakness leaving the body." However, what the quote fails to mention, despite its greatness, is that untreated pain does not equate to strength, but days that are difficult to get through. Surely moderate pain is part of life, but joints that continuously ache must be treated effectively and accordingly. Thankfully, plenty of home remedies exist to abate the pain associated with joints, but when these easy remedies fail, professional help is necessary.

Stay Fit at Work - 4 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy in Your Career

Many people claim to work more than 40 hours per week, and whether you fall into that category or not, it's still imperative to stay fit at work because you spend so much time there. To initiate some healthful practices, here are four tips you can use to stay healthy on the job.

Increasing Mobility

First Responder: Basic First Aid Techniques You Should Know

first aid

Basic first aid and safety techniques are something everyone should know. Being familiar with the most common skills to use in the event of an accident or health emergency could truly be the difference between life and death. 

A Healthy Start: 4 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

What you do in the morning can influence your entire day in so many ways. It makes sense to get the day off to a healthy start so you will feel your best. Here are four improvements you can make right away.

Pregnancy and You: Medications and Treatments. What You Should Know.

pregnancy health

You probably would not think twice about getting a tooth filled, going to the chiropractor, or having an X-ray if you were not pregnant. However, you should question every single medical treatment and medication, including supplements, over-the-counter medications and alternative therapies, if you are pregnant.

Best Jobs That Can Help You Stay Fit

While many people spend hours at the gym to stay fit, others get a good workout while they are at their jobs. If one has a job that requires them to be active, then they can easily exceed their daily activity requirement. Below is a list of on-site jobs that can help you stay fit:

5 Ways Your Body and Mind Heal While You Sleep

benefits of sleep

We sleep through one-third of our lives. Sleep is one of the most basic needs and, as such, is an essential part of our everyday routine. Controlling the functioning of our body and mind alike, plenty of shut-eye can do wonders for our health.Today we share 5 super powers a good night’s rest carries that contribute to all the magic that happensto your flesh and psyche while you’re sound asleep.


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