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Pregnancy and You: Medications and Treatments. What You Should Know.

pregnancy health

You probably would not think twice about getting a tooth filled, going to the chiropractor, or having an X-ray if you were not pregnant. However, you should question every single medical treatment and medication, including supplements, over-the-counter medications and alternative therapies, if you are pregnant.

Best Jobs That Can Help You Stay Fit

While many people spend hours at the gym to stay fit, others get a good workout while they are at their jobs. If one has a job that requires them to be active, then they can easily exceed their daily activity requirement. Below is a list of on-site jobs that can help you stay fit:

5 Ways Your Body and Mind Heal While You Sleep

benefits of sleep

We sleep through one-third of our lives. Sleep is one of the most basic needs and, as such, is an essential part of our everyday routine. Controlling the functioning of our body and mind alike, plenty of shut-eye can do wonders for our health.Today we share 5 super powers a good night’s rest carries that contribute to all the magic that happensto your flesh and psyche while you’re sound asleep.

Too Lazy for Morning Yoga? 5 Wonderful Ways to Get Your Day Started.

healthy morning routine

For slow risers, a full-blown exercise routine before work can be a tall order. These energy-lifting alternatives will help revitalize your morning—yoga pants not required.

What You Need to Know About Taking Birth Control and Drug Abuse

Birth control offers proven and effective means to preventing pregnancy. However, people may abuse drugs and other substances while on birth control, unaware of the dangers. As there is mainly only research on the dangers of birth control use and consuming tobacco, women may abuse birth control when consuming other drugs; unaware of the dangers.

Simple Strategies for Sticking with Your Health Goals

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While health and fitness resolutions are noble goals, it is not easy to stick with them, as life can get in the way of healthy choices. While it can be challenging to stick with your goals, there are a few changes you can make that can help you stay strong and meet your goals.

Top 10 Tips for Healthy Nails

nail health tips

Your nails are the reflection of your overall health, your hair too. Most vitamin deficiencies or poor diets will show in your hair and nails first.  The amount of TLC you put into your body and how many nutrients you consume makes all the difference with keeping the nails strong and beautiful. Here are a few tips for healthy nails:


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