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6 Ideas for a Problem-Free Pregnancy

A problem free pregnancy assures lifelong well being and health for the would-be born baby and the mother. Here are 6 important aspects that need to be addressed during pregnancy.

1. Counseling & Prenatal Care

Taking timely counseling and prenatal care is often proves vital for a smooth child bearing process. Making haste moves at the spur of the moment is not recommended at all since it can lead to fatal consequences. As soon as you know that you are going to be pregnant seek an appointment from the professional prenatal physician. In the first visit, doctor might suggest some tests; make sure that there are no complications. Getting yourself screened and treated well in advance will lead to better carriage and baby health.

2. Healthy Diet

As you are pregnant your baby gets its nutrition from what you eat. Naturally, in pregnancy there are would be few do’s and don'ts in regard to food habit.

• Definitely you will need additional supply of calories as you are eating for two now. You at least need 300 calories per day to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

• There should be a slight hike in protein intake. If you used to take 45 grams of protein per day previously, now it should be raised to 70 grams per day.

• Remember, though you really do not need to increase your calcium intake, but calcium is more vital nutrient for you and baby at this stage, more than ever.

• At all costs avoid taking cold meat and fishes, unpasteurized dairy products and raw seafood. Avoid fishes with high level of mercury and other such contaminants.

• Taking multivitamin supplement can be good for pregnant women as it can fulfill the shortcomings of vitamin supply.

• Consider taking fruits and vegetables rich in folic acid and vitamin. Or take supplements that have a fair quantity of these two vital ingredients.

3. Exercise

Most women gain weight during pregnancy and in women, pregnancy related obesity is a frequent concern that takes a toll on their future health. Mostly it happens due to inactivity and lack of body movement during pregnancy. Doing light exercise is the best remedy to these. Here are few important things concerning exercise to consider.

• Exercise helps better blood circulation in the legs and lower abdomen. Thus it actually makes you stronger to go through the physical stress of labor.

• Researchers found that a brain chemical linked to good mood called Serotonin gets more active thanks to exercise. A good mood is the opposite to stress and crucial for well being of the mother and baby.

• While exercising do not over-exhaust yourself and take plenty of water. Taking a hot bath after exercise is good for relaxed nerves and body. 

4. Avoid Occupational Hazards

Maternity leave is one way to get relief from workplace stress during pregnancy, but that is not all. Though in most workplaces the leave is mandatory, it is often granted in the last 3 months during pregnancy. Thus, most working women get exposed to occupational hazards throughout the initial years of the pregnancy period. Occupational hazards like physically challenging work process, exposure to environmental pollutants and work pressure and related stress can affect not only the women but the would-be born child as well. Work pressure and resulting stress is the most common occupational hazard experienced by countless working women during their pregnancy. Work stress is a responsible factor for miscarriage, prolonged illness after pregnancy and poor baby health. Researchers also suggest that work stress during pregnancy can lead to bad temperament and mood disorders in the child as he grows up.

5. Vaccination

There is considerable debate on whether vaccination can interfere with normal birth process or not. While common vaccinations like vaccines for cold and flu is reported to be good to shield mother and baby from getting these common diseases, a lot of vaccines are still under scanner for their role in interrupting the birth process. Though presently most researchers and practitioners agree that, pregnancy normally leads to low immunity and vaccines boost the immunity of mother and the would-be born baby. 

6. Avoid being hectic and avoid any form of addiction

As you get pregnant you have to restrict to certain disciplines. Here below certain important disciplines and habits to follow.

• Getting proper rest at night is very important for you and the baby. Avoid getting late to go to bed.

• Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and any other addictions at any cost. Your addictions are going to affect your baby directly. Stay clear off such things.

• Try to stay composed and calm in all circumstances. Getting irritated or angry will harm your baby, so avoid it.

Author Bio: Brendon Buthello is a professional healthcare blogger an associated with ranzynn. He likes to research on various healthcare and skin care topics.

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