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The Happy Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Some people think of golf as an old man's game, probably because a lot of seniors like to play it for leisure and a big chunk of private golf course members comprise of the older generation. However, it is not always the case. In fact, Catherine Zeta Jones is a fan of the sport, being an avid golfer who loves to play at least twice a week at the golf course which is situated next to her house in Bermuda. For those who don't think that golf is a sport worth trying, perhaps these happy health benefits will convince you.


For people who hate going to the gym, playing golf will allow them to have fun and at the same provide them with the exercise they need to be fit and healthy. However, one game is not enough. It should be on a regular basis just like how exercise should be. For the average golf player, playing golf will allow you to do a lot of walking, which will be good for your heart and lungs. Anything you do that will make you work up even a little bit of sweat and make you just slightly short of breath will do wonders for your cardiovascular system in the long run. Even just playing golf once a week will take you between four to eight miles with the amount of walking you do per golf session.


Exercise releases endorphins and because golf is exercise, you can expect to be in a great mood after a game because of the release of these natural mood enhancing hormones into your bloodstream. You don’t need to play with rigid perfection as the likes of Tiger Woods. Just a fun round of golf with friends will help make you feel better especially if you had a lousy day. Another factor that will contribute to your good mood is strolling in the open air and the vivid green of the golf course you are playing on. When endorphins are released as you are playing golf, the less stressed you will be.

Cholesterol Reduction

Golf can be a slow game, which sometimes makes people assume that you won’t burn as much calories as other forms of exercise or sports. You shouldn't underestimate the power of this endurance sport. Just a single game can help an individual burn as much as a thousand calories. It’s a fantastic way to burn off all that excess fat and stay in shape while having fun. When you play golf, it gets your blood flowing and your heart pumping, making it a great option for cardiovascular exercise.

Confidence Booster

Golf is a game that requires intense concentration. You need to train your mind to become focused during the game. The more focused you become, the better your game will be and every success that you achieve will in turn fuel your self confidence. Whether or not you are a pro player or just a casual weekend golfer, the success that comes with winning a game is always a great boost to your belief in yourself.

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