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What Activities Exacerbate Your Back Pain?

You have had back trouble for a while and have been noticing that your pain comes and goes. What is setting it off?

Because the back is comprised of the spine and lots of muscles, back pain can seriously impede your normal activities. If you are able to, visiting a specialist can offer you long term help for you pain.

Wherever you go, there are great specialists who can help you regain your life again. Until you are able to see a specialist, here are some activities you should avoid because they can aggravate your back:

Do Not Stay in Bed

Although laying down and giving your back constant rest seems like a smart idea, laying in bed for extended periods of time can actually intensify your back pain. Staying in bed for long periods (longer than a normal night of rest) can weaken the muscles that need to be loosed and strengthened. In some cases, a lack of activity may have hurt your back in the first place.

It can cause your muscles to be stagnant and to become used to their pained position. Of course, rigorous activity will worsen your back, so be conscious of keeping your activity to a minimum. There is a fine balance between babying it too much and just enough.

Do Not Participate in Strenuous Activities

Again, like above, know your limits. Perhaps this seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes we forget just how much or how little our backs can really take. With a bad back, muscles can seize and spasm when not taken care of properly. Activities that can easily aggravate it are not worth the pain.

Avoid lifting anything with your back—lifting with legs is key. Even something silly like playing tug of war with your pet can be too much. When it comes to carrying items, less is more. Maybe you have to take three trips from the car to your house when carrying groceries, but it is worth it in the end when your back is normal and not seizing because of too much weight.

When it comes to your back, there does need to be enough activity so that it does not grow used to its abnormal state, but too much activity will cause the pain to deepen and sometimes the problem to worsen.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Sleeping is a great way to relieve back tension because as you relax, so does your muscle tension. However, sleeping on your stomach will exacerbate the pain because in order to do so, your neck muscles are in an awkward position. Sleeping on your side or your back (with pillows under your legs to add further comfort) will aid in your back’s healing.

Your back pain dictates a lot of your decisions. Until you can see a specialist, your best bet is to learn not to push it so you can keep the pain at bay.

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