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4 Tasty Organic Snacks That You Can Keep at Your Desk

best healthy snacks

Buying certified organic products means that you’re helping to preserve the earth for future generations and promoting sustainable agriculture. It also means that your food is free of pesticides and food additives, which can mean it is better for you. Yet, while the availability of organic foods has become more widespread, eating organic snacks at workcan be a little bit trickier. Here are our top four organic snacks for a happy earth and healthy you.

Healthy Snacks On The Go

healthy snacks

The advice we heard as children was wrong. We were told to eat 3 meals per day. And throughout our adult lives we have made it worse by skipping breakfast, having a small lunch and overindulging for dinner.

Health Benefits of Eating Bananas

Health Benefits of Bananas

Who would have thought that the horned shaped, delicious fruit we know as a banana, is one of mother natures most helpful, energizing, and healing fruits that she ever created! Bananas are miracle fruits, due to the sheer amount of diseases and conditions they help fight and prevent, and two bananas a day should be included in your diet if you want to reap the rewards of such a powerful fruit.

Keeping It Healthy With Healthy Workplace Lunch Ideas

Healthy Workplace Lunch Ideas

The downside to the daily eating out can be an increase in overall calories per meal as portion sizes have gotten bigger over the past number of years. High fat, sodium and sugar as well as additives and preservatives can be another downfall of daily ventures out for lunch which may show as added body fat and overall weight gain over time.