One Breathe Circle

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One Breath Circle is a Brooklyn, NY based organization that offers classes and programs dedicated to healing, personal growth and spiritual development. We provide a safe, unconditional and compassionate space for healing, deep inquiry, and the exploration of our gifts and capacities, using a wide range of practices, including mindfulness, contemplative practices, breath, movement and voice.

Using an integrative experiential model of learning, incorporating both stillness and dynamism, One Breath Circle offers day-long classes, weekend workshops, and afternoon and evening classes that explore many facets of healing, growth, and awakening. One-day classes offer a taste of One Breath Circle practices and approaches to central human experiences such as Love, Power or Play. Community Circles are four to eight-week series meeting 2 hours a week and offering support for the growth and flowering of our communal well-being. Classes include a Family Circle, a Parent Circle, a Girl's and a Boy's Circle, as well as a Transitions Circle, for those in the midst of life changes. Foundation Studies is three weekend Workshops each focusing on a different practice: Breath, Movement, and Voice, in preparation for our Advanced Studies, which are offered in nine-month programs, focusing on the elements of spiritual development: the Awakened Body, Awakening Through the Life Cycle, Personality and Essential Nature, The Feminine, The Masculine, and Dream and Dreaming.

I’m open to any suggestions you may have re any of this.
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