Relieve Neck Pain and Back Pain Caused by Computer Use

For the millions of us that spend our days working at a computer, it's not at all unusual to experience chronic tension and pain in the upper back and neck areas. In this article, we'll talk about what muscles are getting overwhelmed by this repetitive stress, and what we can do to get out of pain and integrate the upper back with the rest of the body.

Hands Massage Therapy - How to Give Great Hand Massages

Hands Massage Therapy is a simple but highly beneficial practice that you can give to others or to yourself.  This article looks at the benefits of hands massage therapy and how you can give great hand massages.

Head Massage - Self Massage

Head Massage is an amazing Alternative Medicine tool. It is convenient, it doesn't require a special place, it can be done almost everywhere and the patient can remain fully clothed during the session.

Hands On Shiatsu Healing

The word 'Shiatsu' is derived from the combination of 'Shi' meaning finger, and 'Atsu' meaning pressure. Simply put Shiatsu is the science of applying pressure on the patient's body by using the fingers, hands and thumb. This hands-on therapy has its origin in Japan and is used as a complement to conventional medicine and also as a preventative or alternative therapy.

What Is Reflexology?

For the Reflexologist, the feet are a microcosm of the human body and every organ and body part is represented in the feet. Where there are two organs in the body they will be represented on both feet, e.g. lungs and kidney and where there is only one organ, this will be represented on one foot, e.g. the liver will be on the right foot while the heart will be on the left.

Reflexology - A Way Into the 21st Century

When asked if they have ever had Reflexology, people who have experienced it light up. They remember how wonderful it was to feel the skilled hands of a Reflexologist. Not only do they report feeling like they were walking on a cloud after their Reflexology sessions, but also feel better all over, with a delicious, enhanced sense of wellbeing.


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