More Good News About Meditation

It seems like there is every day a new study is coming out showing the benefits of meditation. For decades the scientists have been showing that there are numerous benefits of simply sitting quietly and concentrating on your breath.

Well there is more good news. A new study published this month and reported in the New York Times  that shows that practice of meditation, no matter whether we are expert meditators or novice practitioners, produces measurable changes in two key ways:

1. More communication between two brain regions involved in self-control and focus.

2. Lower levels of a stress-linked substance called IL-6 that's been linked with inflammation and can sometimes be used as an early indicator of later health problems.


Furthermore, if that's wasn't enough to convince you that you should meditate, there are multiple studies suggest that meditation can also help reduce depression and anxiety and mindfulness meditation in particular might help people deal with psychological stress and help them relate to others.

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Meditation on the High Line

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Mindfulness Meditation: What It Is, What It Does, and How You Can Do It!

mindful meditation

Whether you're a veteran meditator looking to enhance your repertoire of wellness techniques, or a beginner looking for a meditative practice that's a right fit, mindfulness meditation is a great place to start. Here's a look at what it is, where it came from and how it evolved, what its benefits are, as well as a look at some helpful tips to get you started.

What Are The Benefits of Meditation

To some, meditation may not seem like much, it's a very passive activity practiced in solitude, often misunderstood in a culture filled with high-octane group fitness classes. Meditation is often sidelined as a tool for clearing the mind and relieving stress, while cardio and strength training activities take the credit for benefitting bodily health. The truth is, however, that both meditation and exercise can share an equal part in a person’s health and wellbeing. Taking a deep breath, releasing tension from the muscles, and calling the mind into focus can do so much more than stress relief.

Meditation for Stress Relief

It’s common for people to add meditation to their daily lives to help with stress management, and they most often find that this benefit is very real. What they don’t expect, however, is how much stress has been impacting the body as a whole and what the full effects of their meditation practice will soon become. Being in a state of stress encourages the body to release cortisol, a steroid hormone produced in the adrenal cortex. Having cortisol in the body, especially on a regular or constant basis, can cause physical problems over time like higher blood sugar levels, a suppressed immune system, and sometimes problems with metabolism regulation. Controlling stress through meditation has helped many people around the world with diseases, weight loss, and other disorders.

Even the most long-term cases of stress-induced cortisol in the body can be reversed with a persistent and committed meditation practice. The act of opening up the mind to relaxation, clearing your thoughts, and letting cleansing air deep into the lungs offer a release from that constant state of stress. Meditation forces a person to relax, rest, and be present in the moment. Although difficult to achieve true meditation at first, this process gets easier with time and practice. Those who stick to this relaxation method to manage their stress often evolve to a point where they can immediately go to their meditation mindset when stress threatens to intrude on their lives.

Meditation Strengthen Immune System

When the body is relaxed and the breath deepens during meditation, the experience can stimulate the immune system, activating certain protective genes that fight disease. According to recent studies at the Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a wide range of disease-fighting genes become active in the bodies of those who regularly practice medication. These genes all protect us from certain disorders, including pain, high blood pressure, types of arthritis, infertility, general inflammation, and even some forms of cancer. Benefits to the immune system and hormone production get even better with continued practice over consecutive weeks, months, and years. These findings could explain the importance placed on meditation, deep breathing, and other relaxation techniques in holistic remedy practices in Indian Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine.

As mentioned above, the benefits of managing stress through mediation are manifested in a variety of physical ways. For some, blood pressure and heart rates lower, oxygen can move more freely through the body and improve skin tone, and even nerve pain and discomfort can be relieved over time. Meditation offers physical benefits to everyone who begins and continues to include it as part of their daily lives, though these benefits vary.

Meditation and Mental Health

Stress isn’t the only emotional or mental state that can benefit from regular meditation. In fact, many psychologists and therapists often recommend meditation to their patients to help them heal their own emotional troubles. When we meditate, the mind is cleared of emotions and thoughts, giving us time to heal ourselves in a way. Your state of mind becomes something you can alter and change, because once you have the power to clear it away, you learn that you have the power to choose how you feel about different aspects of your life. In this way, meditation can be a very self-empowering practice that gives people the control over their emotions and the ability to choose positive thoughts over negative, optimism over cynicism. Sometimes referred to as emotional pollution, bad thoughts can be banished by choice once a person has grown in their meditative experiences.

Meditation Boosts Recovery and Physical Health

Beyond the helpful benefits that meditation can yield to our body and minds on an everyday basis, there are self-healing benefits to be found as well. For those struggling to recover from addictions, meditation is a powerful tool that helps an individual find the peace, calm, and mindfulness required to break the cycle. It can also help the body produce the hormones and natural chemicals needed to fill the void that addiction creates. Meditation also helps those who have struggled with long-term illnesses to find their center again and give the body the healing it needs.

Surgical patients, as well, have found that meditation can be an easy way to stimulate blood flow, healthy enzyme and hormone production, and trigger those pain-fighting genes. Pain medications, ice packs, and rest can take a patient part of the way back from a major surgery, but the meditative aspect should be present to ensure total healing inside and out. These self-repair mechanisms make up what is often referred to as the parasympathetic nervous system, the direct opposing force to the stress-induced sympathetic nervous system. When this force is activated in the body, healing can begin and the body can be both repaired and protected from future threats. The body’s natural healing energy is triggered by meditation and can give a powerful boost to an individual’s journey to recovery.

Rest, relaxation, and meditation can all contribute to a healthy and speedy recovery from surgery. Dr. George Bitar, MD, knows the importance of coaching his patients from the consultation through the surgery and throughout the essential recovery period following it. He often recommends using meditation and similar natural therapies to encourage the body’s natural healing process to bring the body back to where it was, if not better than ever before. He is an award-winning, fellowship-trained, and board certified plastic surgeon with a history of more than 5,000 cosmetic facial and body procedures. Schedule a consultation with the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute located at 302 Hamaker Court, Suite 109, Fairfax, Virginia, by calling (703) 206-0506.

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Meditation As a Spiritual Growth Enhancer


The meditative process requires you to go into the silence of your inner self and be still and present without the interference of continuous thought. This inner silence connects you with source energy and allows the free flow of well being that emanates from the source to envelope you.

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