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Practice Everyday Mindfulness for Greater Wellbeing

When most people think of mindfulness and meditation, they think of a Buddhist monk sitting in silence, alone in a cave somewhere. Enlightenment sounds great in theory, but can seem an impractical goal to commit to in light of the demands of modern life. Luckily, you don't have to make radical changes to your lifestyle to gain the benefits of mindfulness.

Guided Meditation and Reducing Anxiety

guided meditation

Guided Meditation is the art of having the voice of a guide and often music, walk you through the steps to focus on breathing and reduce anxiety or tension. Using one of the many compilations available, the guide and the music speak to your brain waves and soothe your mind into a more stress-free zone.

How To Meditate in 7 Easy Steps

Learning how to meditate can change your life in any number of ways. It helps you quickly unwind, relieves tension and stress, and improves your attitude and outlook by raising your vibration.

The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditations

Mindful Meditation

With the hectic pace of life in the modern world, it is no wonder why more and more people are dealing with issues of anger, rage, stress, depression and anxiety, as well as many other negative reactions and destructive emotions. With busy lives and packed schedules it is also easy to find yourself going through a day on "auto-pilot" and actually missing some aspects of life. Mindfulness meditations are one way that people are combating these issues.

What Is Meditation? Living in the Now

learn to meditate

Meditation has been around for almost as long as human history. At its core, meditation is a technique that helps us quiet our minds. Throughout the day everyone of us have millions of thoughts that clutter our minds. This mind chatter or a constant commentary on life keeps us distracted and way from living in the present moment.

The Power of Love

Love, when it is able to fully  manifest, when one is freely loving towards anyone other than oneself, and when that love is present without fear, attachments and expectations - without all the other things that often get mixed in with love; if you can simply act upon that love in small and large ways (whatever way you can).. then when you look at that state of mind at that very moment, that state of mind is the happiest state you have ever experienced.

If we can love, without hindrance, and act upon it with out mixing in all the other things we do out of attachment and confusion, we feel so free, so happy; we are able to blossom in our own heart.


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Easy Meditation Techniques - Simple Ways to Practice Meditation

Meditation is the practice of using mental focus and breathing techniques to induce calmness and serenity. People have practiced meditation for hundreds of years, sometimes as a part of religious expression. But, meditation is not confined to religious practice, in fact, most people use it simply as a way to cope with stress. Learning to meditate can enrich your life and help you live each day to the fullest.


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