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How to Meditate to Relieve Stress Effectively

It is possible to relieve stress through meditation if you have the courage to sit and do nothing.

Meditation Mantras - Spiritual Relaxation

In your pursuit of self improvement, there are many techniques and methods a person can use. Self introspection and meditation are the prominent methods of choice. There is another tool to use in meditation and that is the use of chanting mantras to release negative thoughts for enlightenment and awakening.

How to Meditate Successfully - Top Hindrances in Learning How to Meditate

Perhaps you are just a beginner who wishes to learn how to meditate or you could also be an expert already in practicing meditation. Nevertheless, this article will be very helpful on how to meditate successfully.

The Attraction of Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a contemporary sub-style of Hatha Yoga. With the help of a chair, as the primary prop, a student can practice many Yogic techniques. Standing and balancing asanas are enhanced and aligned with the use of a chair. Sun Salutations and Vinyasa flows can be practiced during a chair Yoga session.

Relaxation And Meditation - Adopting The Correct Meditation Posture

There are a wide variety of postures or poses that are used for meditation. Certain forms of meditation, such as Tai Chi or Yoga, require specific poses, or a series of set poses. These poses should be learned with instruction to ensure that they are done correctly and without the risk of injury. However, if you are just starting out, meditation can be done with simpler sitting, reclining or lying poses.

Meditation Basics: Counting Breaths is Not Like Counting Sheep

"Just close your eyes and count your breaths," they say. How simple can it be? "Don't think about anything else though. Just concentrate on your breathing." Well, anyone who has tried this "simple" meditation knows that it just isn't that easy.

Meditation for Improving Concentration

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A recent study published in an American Medical Journal had shown the importance of keeping your mind active and improving your concentration and how it will help you as you get older. The researchers who conducted this study had used people who were 70 or older and tried various techniques to help them improve their mental processes and ensured that their minds stayed active by improving their concentration. The regular practice of these simple concentration and meditation exercises will help to keep your mind functioning well no matter what age you are.


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