Mental Health

Mental Health

Art Therapy

Art therapy provides the opportunity for insight, self-expression and communication, within a safe therapeutic relationship between client and therapist. It can take place in one-to-one settings, or in groups.

How to Deal Effectively With Anxiety

Every human feels anxiety on occasion; it is a part of life. All of us know what it is like to feel worry, nervousness, fear, and concern. We feel nervous when we have to give a speech, go for a job interview, or walk into our boss's office for the annual performance appraisal.

Coping With Stress on a Busy Day - Useful Stress Management Tips

Dealing with stress is a problem that every person must endure. If you are human you will have stress, this much is true; but the more a person can minimize the effects of stress ahead of time, the better your chances of successful daily living. A better quality life is what we are all are in search of. Think about these highly useful stress tips when your days are too busy!

How Do Nutrition and Mental Health Work Together For Your Benefit?

How exactly does nutrition and mental health go together? What effect does the food we eat have on our mental well being? Can we make some changes that will positively influence our brains and the state we find ourselves in? Absolutely.

3 Simple Ways to Train Your Mind Muscles

Our Human mind needs to be taken care of like any other part of the body. Doing simple exercises will enable you to increase brain power, improve your memory and increase your IQ among other things. If you don't challenge your mind your brain capacity will decrease, this is especially important as you get older.

The Mental Benefits of Exercise

The benefit of exercise on the body has been talked about for years, but what needs more discussion is the mental benefits of exercise. The brain needs exercise in order to combat aging, function properly and keep mood positive. Here's why.

Think Positively to Change Your Life

At a time like this it is really easy to get caught up in a cycle of negative thinking. It does seems like nothing is going right, so you think negative thoughts and fill your mind with worry about the next bad thing that is going to happen; whether you are going to be able to keep paying your bills or even if you will still have a job next year.


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