Stress and Mental Health

The Stable and Pleasurable Seat: Choosing Your Seat for Meditation

The idea is to create a seat for yourself that will beckon you to practice- a seat that is both inviting and optimal for your meditation practice. Let's look at two main factors: Comfort and Convenience.

Comfort: helping your body be happy and relaxed

Comfort is a major factor in choosing your seat for meditation.. There are several schools of thought on this subject.

Stress and Modern Life

There is nothing wrong with short-term stress. It is after all what gets you motivated. Stress in the short-term may be considered healthy giving you the get up and go to achieve your goals bring you the results you desire.

Zen Meditation (Zazen) As Taught by the Classic Zen Masters

learn zen meditation

Zen Meditation (Zazen) - Awakening to Your Own True Nature As Taught by the Classic Zen Masters

According to the Zen ancestors, it is only through realization of our own true nature that true liberation can be realized. After each of the masters personally realized their own identity with Buddha, they spent their lives helping others to realize this identity. 

The Importance of Sleep in Preventing Burnout

It’s tempting to ignore sleep in your efforts to pack more into the day. It’s true, you can train your body to survive on less sleep, but the long-term harm to your body is enormous. Aside from weakening your immune system and stamina, sleep deprivation damages your mental health.

Beginner's Guide to Chakra Meditation

This is a wonderful chakra meditation to do to reconnect and recharge. It takes between 20-30 mins and you can do it by yourself in the comfort of your home. All you need is to print out the guidelines, a bit of imagination and a quiet space.

Chakra Meditation Guidelines 

Think Positively to Change Your Life

At a time like this it is really easy to get caught up in a cycle of negative thinking. It does seems like nothing is going right, so you think negative thoughts and fill your mind with worry about the next bad thing that is going to happen; whether you are going to be able to keep paying your bills or even if you will still have a job next year.

Do You Want to Build Your Emotional Strength?

Frequently, people say this or that isn't "fair." Unfortunately, life is not always fair. It can be hard to know who and what to trust. We live in an imperfect world.


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