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5 Reasons Why Pets Are Good for Your Health

Did you know that pets can have a positive impact on your health? We're always told to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly in order to keep up with our health, but who knew owning a pet could add to these benefits?

Seasonal Allergies: Top Tips for Allergy Relief

stop seasonal allergy

If you are suffering from frequent sneezing, itchy nostrils, watering eyes, or sinus headache, you may very well be suffering from allergies rather than a cold. Hay Fever, allergic rhinitis and pollinosis, all names for airborne seasonal allergies, occurs when the immune system has a reaction to allergens in the air.

Lower High Blood Pressure With Easy Diet Changes

lower blood pressure

Healthy blood pressure can be maintained and often restored with a few minor changes to your diet. In fact, you may be able to reduce or completely eliminate your high blood pressure medication by slightly changing what you eat.

Home Remedies For Migraines - 5 Easy Tips for Relief

cure migranes naturally

Migraines are one of the most common neurological disorders experienced by millions of people everyday. This ailment causes severe headaches on one or either side of the head, spreading out from the eyes and can last for several days. In some extreme cases, the pain is so severe that it even hinders the affected individual from performing everyday tasks.

Aloe Vera and Its Many Healing Uses

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant origination from central Africa. It is found native to arid areas of Africa, India and elsewhere. It can survive for long periods without water as it stores fluid in its fleshy leaves. It has a number of medicinal uses that have been known to different civilizations for thousands of years. It has been used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. It has recently become much more popular and many products are now available for skin care containing this ingredient.

Exercise Can Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

If you are one of the millions of people that suffer from lower back pain, then you need to know that exercise can do wonders for you. When it comes to relieving lower back pain, exercise provides more long term relief than any back pills that your doctor can give you. The fact is, pills only serve to mask the problem by providing temporary relief of the pain, but the problem that is causing much of the pain is still there. Exercise will strengthen the muscles that support your back and improve flexibility thus greatly reducing the chances of future attacks.

How to Do Diaphragmatic Breathing

 Diaphragmatic breathing is the term used deep slow breathing that is very useful for relaxation, stress relief, meditation and full oxygenation of your body. It involves fully using the diaphragm, the sheet of internal muscle that extends across the bottom of the rib cage separating the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity.


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