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Cancer Fighting Super Foods

Whether you have a family history of cancer or are fighting it yourself, there is no better time to improve your nutrition than today. While certain activities are well known to increase your chances of cancer such as smoking or radiation, the opposite is also true: there are are certain substances and chemicals that can help you fight it, whether by increasing your chances of prevention or by giving your system that extra strength it needs to resist cancer's encroachment. Check out these super foods and start adding them to your diet today!

Finding The Best Cure for Heartburn

People who are affected by acid reflux are also suffering from the agonizing pain of heartburn. Cures for heartburn usually include drugs like antacids and PPIs. There are also a lot of natural remedies that are effective in treating heartburn and they serve as a good alternative for many sufferers who wish to stay out of the side effects of pills.

Aromatherapy - The Science of Scent

Need to relax? Try lavender. Need a boost? Try spearmint. Chances are you've heard about aromatherapy. After all, retailers promote the therapeutic properties of scent in everything from candles to alarm clocks. In fact, its use is growing, especially in fighting stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression and anger. But how does aroma alter the way you feel scientifically?

Eye Exercises For Computer Users

Most computer users experience eye strain. This may be as a result of using inappropriate monitors like the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) screens. Prolonged computer use may also bring about the same problem.

SPF and Sunscreen Tips for Protection Against UV Radiation

Do you really know how to maximize your protection against ultraviolet radiation? Sun protection products are all over the market. In fact, consumers are clamoring to buy products will SPF rating on the label. This is not bad; in fact, this simply means consumers are more aware of the harmful effects of UV radiation. But many people have confused notions about Sun Protection Factor or SPF and sunscreens in general. As such, in spite of maximizing the benefits of the products, they all go to waste.

Tips to Avoid Back Pain

Lower back pain, sciatica, or lumbago, as it sometimes known, will affect almost all adults at some point in their working lives.

Vitamin C Benefits - Why it is So Important to Get the Proper Daily Dose of Vitamin C

Your body requires a lot of vitamins on a daily basis in order to stay healthy. Vitamin C is one of these and the vitamin C benefits are very extensive.


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