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3 Major Benefits of Consuming the Food Color Wheel

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There are a lot of ways nutrition is classified these days. As things get even more complex and convoluted, we give you something that is far easier but works equally well if not better as a potent nutrition plan.

The premise is simple: you basically categorize your foods according to their appearance – their color.

Healthy Eating. Importance of Good Nutrition

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Healthier eating involves making gradual changes in your diet over time. You will need to be dedicated to eating balanced meals consistently along with consuming various types of food. This will ensure that you consume the nutrients that your body needs to be strong and healthy.

4 Tasty Organic Snacks That You Can Keep at Your Desk

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Buying certified organic products means that you’re helping to preserve the earth for future generations and promoting sustainable agriculture. It also means that your food is free of pesticides and food additives, which can mean it is better for you. Yet, while the availability of organic foods has become more widespread, eating organic snacks at workcan be a little bit trickier. Here are our top four organic snacks for a happy earth and healthy you.

Drink Less Sugar and Fewer Calories

In order to make our drinks taste better, growing number of beverages you buy contain excessive amount of sugar. Some forms of added caloric sweeteners include corn sweeteners (high-fructose corn syrup or HFCS), lactose, maltose and other types of sugars you probably want to limit as much as possible. Here are some tips to help you drink less sugar and consume fewer calories.

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Nutrient Density Winners Among Fruits and Vegetables

Researchers at New Jersey's William Paterson University just compiled a list of "powerhouse" foods based on their amounts of 17 crucial nutrients. They studied both fruits and vegetables, but vegetables dominated the list when it came to a highest nutrient density. Watercress came in with a perfect score of 100, the only food to do so. Below is the list of top 20.

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Energy Foods: Get Energy Boost from Your Everyday Meals

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Instead of one big boost mid-way through the day, eating smart foods all day long for one constant stream of energy is a much more efficient way to fuel your body. After all, food is meant to be fuel for us. Try these strategies and incorporate these powerful foods into your everyday meals and you’ll be working through that three o’clock slump with no trouble at all.

Shocking Inequality Among Carbs


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the right choice of carbohydrates can boost your health and lower your disease risks. They also tell us that improving what you eat and being active will help to reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even some cancers.


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