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5 Simple Steps to Mindful Eating

mindful eating

MINDFUL EATING is not a diet. It's a conscious way of eating and enjoying food for both good health and pleasure. It uses our internal cues for hunger, appetite, and satiety to guide us in eating. When we slow down and pay attention to how we eat, what we eat, and how we feel, we're more likely to make better decisions that nourish our bodies.

The Power Of Kale: Introducing 5 Benefits Of The Edible Superpower

kale benefits

Kale, most popular in the form of curly kale, is a huge sensation right now as people catch on to all of the health benefits that this superfood can provide. It is very versatile and packs a real punch – with all kinds of advantages to choosing this option over another leafy green like lettuce. Here are the highlights of why this edible superpower should be on your plate every day.

Dietary Drink Danger

harmful soda

It is true that artificial sweeteners produce a lower calorie count.  Many of these artificially sweetened drinks have zero calories or just a few calories. However, these drinks do contain additives – artificial additives.

Importance of Eating a Healthy Breakfast Each Morning

healthy breakfast ideas

Good nutrition is essential for good health. Every meal of the day is important, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It determines how much energy you will have for the rest of the day. This meal is important for your brain activity and even for your mood. All these facts have been scientifically proven.

4 Tasty Organic Snacks That You Can Keep at Your Desk

best healthy snacks

Buying certified organic products means that you’re helping to preserve the earth for future generations and promoting sustainable agriculture. It also means that your food is free of pesticides and food additives, which can mean it is better for you. Yet, while the availability of organic foods has become more widespread, eating organic snacks at workcan be a little bit trickier. Here are our top four organic snacks for a happy earth and healthy you.

Green Plate Special. Save the Earth One Bite At a Time


A vegetarian diet helps heal the planet by conserving fossil fuels—it takes significantly more energy to produce meat products than to grow plant foods. We are all learning how critical it is to reduce our carbon “footprint.” We help the planet when we buy organic and locally-grown produce as well, since we reduce transportation impacts and help with soil conservation.

What to Do at Work to Stop Gaining Weight


Office life is not exactly the best of all opportunities for keeping in shape. Stress, machines full of unhealthy snacks and drinks, being glued to the office chair and the screen are terrible for our health, posture and well-being. Here are key tips to help you stop gaining weight at work and feeling great while on the job.


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