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8 Health Benefits of High Fiber Diet

High Fiber Die

Fiber is one of the key ingredient to staying healthy. Not only can it help you lose weight by making you feel full longer, it can help avoid many diseases and health issues. Fiber is found in so many foods that it is easy for everyone to add it to their diet and get enough every day. One of the best sources of fiber are fresh fruits and vegetables. These are some of the most inexpensive items in any grocery store, so getting enough fiber is also an inexpensive way to be healthy.

Shocking Inequality Among Carbs


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the right choice of carbohydrates can boost your health and lower your disease risks. They also tell us that improving what you eat and being active will help to reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even some cancers.

I am Sugar Free!

"I AM SUGAR FREE"- This is a statement I live by…but with a few modifications.

Well, it shouldn't be taken literally in the sense that my body is completely free from sugar, because it's not. It's not supposed to be. My body's function, like any other human, is dependent on sugar in the blood. Blood sugar is used by the mitochondria to make energy in our muscle cells. Sugar isn't our sole "energy making fuel," but it's an important one. It produces energy for my organs to function, my body to move, run, and do soothing yoga poses. Blood sugar helps my brain to think, create, and make plans for all the crazy and wonderful things I do in life. So, obviously I want to have sugar to make that happen, and I'm sure you do too.

What I don't want is to have TOO MUCH sugar in my blood, or be imbalanced. I know how that feels, and I have endured its consequences! Believe me, my future plans do not include returning back to that nonsense. However, I do not regret my sugar filled, pre-"sugar free,” days. The fact is, having lived life as a sugar addict, and then breaking free form it, has been my greatest mastering in life yet!

I had a challenge growing up as a little girl in Iceland. Well, I had a few challenges, but this one concerned my food habits. My mum is an amazing woman. While being a single mother to four children, she created a beautiful home for all of us, and along with the work of motherhood she was running her own hairdressing business! She was very busy making a living for us all. She is a wonderful cook and she was ahead of her time in using healthy options. We would have fish, lamb, and sometimes steak but ALWAYS with a salad and vegetables. I am sure these healthy dinners were lifesaving, because for the rest of the day I would eat sugar! Breakfast was in the form of some sugary cereal with milk or white bread with an O'Boy chocolate milk. Lunch was usually white bread from the bakery near school, and to enhance the bread's flavor I would sandwich a "flødebolle” between the slices. A "flødebolle” is basically a chocolate dipped mound of marshmallow fluff, so my lunch was not the healthiest choice. And of course, between my meals, I would supplement my diet with sodas, chocolates and ice cream.

I had a lot of sugar in my blood and cells; my body was not able to make energy from all that fuel, so the excess sugar was transformed and stored as fat in the fat cells. My body works in exactly the same way as your body works in that matter.

Many years later, after consuming several hundred pounds of sugar, ice cream and white bread, I was a young adult woman—but my body was like that of an old lady and a very tired one too, with inflammation in her joints, brain, and body cells. All this sugar and starch had made my body at least 30 years older that my real age, and that was no fun at all!

It took me about 10 years to remove sugar from my life. It's not overly complex knowledge to learn how sugar and starch work in the body and mind. So, I educated myself by experimenting with my food and supplements. I eventually graduated as a nurse, then as a nutritional therapist, and later as a life coach. My work since then has been focused on what, when, why and how our bodies and the food that we eat, work and communicate with each other. This has been my passion for 25 years. What was once my weakness in life, has now become my strength. Having the sugar blues, and then giving it up is the best thing that has ever happened in my life.

It's all about not having sugar in your food. No added sugar at all. Read the labels. If it contains sugar, leave it behind and walk away. That is the first step. The major step. I could do it, and so can you!

Thorbjörg is Scandinavia’s anti-age queen who has reached cult status with her natural alternatives to revitalization. Her book "10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks" is a Scandinavian bestseller that provides a step by step guide on how to naturally obtain a youthful physical form.

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5 Easy Ways To Eat Less Sugar

Eat Healthier

You probably already know that lowering your sugar intake is one component that may help reduce high blood sugar levels and your risk of type 2 diabetes. And according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, these two factors, over time, have an impact on heart health as well. Here are five small ways to reduce sugar in your meals and still get a big, flavorful payoff:

A Diet To Reduce Stress & Boost Energy

diet to fight stress

A good way to combat fatigue is to be careful what you eat and make sure you have a diet to reduce stress; this will also reduce hunger pangs and the desire to overeat.

Green Tea And Its Many Health Benefits

tea benefits

Tea is part of the Camellia Sinensis plant, and comes as black tea, which is fully oxidized, green tea, which is un-oxidized, and oolong, which is partially oxidized. However the focus of this article will be on green tea since it has shown the most health benefits during the clinical studies.

Lose Weight, Reinvent Your Life

Obesity and overweight have become a global health problem. According to Mexico Bariatric Center, the United States leads the way in obesity rates, both in absolute and relative terms. The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980.

"Obesity and overweight have in the last decade become a global problem - according to the World Health Organization (WHO) back in 2005 approximately 1.6 billion adults over the of age 15+ were overweight, at least 400 million adults were obese and at least 20 million children under the age of 5 years were overweight. Experts believe if the current trends continue by 2015 approximately 2.3 billion adults will be overweight and more than 700 million will be obese. The scale of the obesity problem has a number of serious consequences for individuals and government health systems.” — News

Health experts underline the health risks of being obese and overweight. It could lead to major health problems like heart ailments, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and depression. If you were enjoying every bite of your giant burger and relish every box of pizza, think it over. You may hate it for the rest of your life.

In a hurry-and-scurry world where time is considered gold, maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult to many people. But earning a living should not be used as alibi or reason why you were not able to manage your weight.

Let us set aside the fact that this is a global issue and focus the spotlight to a more personal level. Even if I was not asking, I know there are lots of insecurities and self-doubts going on deep inside you now. But let me tell you this, you can change everything in your life starting right now. How?

Educate Yourself. You might have missed the truth—obesity is unhealthy. Try to have time to meet and greet “o-b-e-s-i-t-y” and discover why you should start changing your lifestyle. This abnormality is detrimental to your overall wellness and could lead you to a life of disappointments and insecurities. Read, explore and find out how to battle it.

Make A Plan And Execute. Do not procrastinate, time and opportunities wouldn’t for when do you like to make changes to yourself. Create a plan, make a timetable and practice self-discipline. Slowly, you will depart from your unhealthy lifestyle and embrace a chance to a healthier and better you.

Eat Right. Proper food diet is essential to this life-changing undertaking. If you would want not to waste your time and effort, then you should eat right. Also consider the foods’ nutritional values to ensure that your food diet will effectively help in achieving your fitness goal.

Consider A Weight Loss Program. A weight loss program on the other hand, will introduce you to alternative, fast and safe diet plans that will help you manage and achieve your desired weight. Weight loss management program is important to make sure that there are no complicated health issues to surface. If you were in California, you can go to Medifast California Weight Loss Center for guidance.

Get Fit. Various physical fitness programs have proven to be of help to many people who wanted to get fit and look good. Once you are already on a desirable weight and size, hold on to it like a lifeline. Maintain proper diet and regular physical fitness.

Eat right, lose weight and reinvent your life. Sounds easy to do and realize, but no. I am warning you, there is no “quick-fix” to obesity and overweight. Transforming yourself into a new, slimmer, healthier, and more confident you takes enough time, a lot of hard work, severe self-discipline, and a huge dose of inspiration.

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