Health Benefits of Foot Reflexology

how to give foot massage

Foot reflexology is the art of applying pressure to different points on your foot. Each point on your foot relates to specific organs and glands in your body. By applying pressure to these points, you are able to stimulate these organs that some believe result in better health.

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Blue Sun Reflexology

Sherri Oustalet has practiced Reflexology for 9+ years privately in client homes, at community and faith-based organizations, corporate wellness events, Angel Feet, Kinespirit,  Life Rhythms, and Integral Yoga in NYC, working with adults, senior citizens, teens, children, the ill, and the under-served. 

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Carole Russo Reflexology and Reiki

Bringing balance to the relationship between body, mind and spirit and ensuring that they work together will help you to take a quantum leap forward on your life journey and bring you optimum health and happiness. In addition to Reflexology, Carole also offers hypnosis and Reiki Services,

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Soul Support Reflexology

One hour foot reflexology sessions to nurture and rejuvenate the whole body via one of the most neglected parts of the body! Essential for New Yorkers.

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Massage Williamsburg

We are a team of highly skilled New York State Licensed Therapists, Certified in Prenatal Massage. Committed to understanding the nature of holistic medicine, we hold the firm belief that a better feeling body produces a better feeling mind. Our practice stems from the desire to provide the nurturing touch that helps people unwind and heal.

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