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Are Health Savings Accounts a Good Investment?

With healthcare costs on the rise, having good insurance coverage has almost become a necessity. But if you can't get affordable health insurance through an employer, where do you turn? One option that may be worth exploring is a health savings account.
What Is a Health Savings Account?
A health savings account (HSA) is a savings product that is designed to be used as an alternative to more tradition health insurance. Any contributions that you make to your health savings account are tax free. The money that you save can then be used to pay for eligible medical expenses, such as deductibles, co-pays, dental care services, vision care services, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and medical equipment.
Where to Buy Health Savings Accounts
A health savings account cannot be "purchased" in the traditional sense. However, you can sign up for an account through a number of insurance companies, banks, credit unions, and other companies that have been approved to offer this service. To sign up for a health savings account, you will first need to purchase a high deductible health plan (HDHP). These plans are available at a relatively low cost through traditional health insurance providers. The deductible on your HDHP must be between $1,100 and $5,600 (self-only coverage) or $2,200 and $11,200 (family coverage). This may sound rather high for a deductible--but remember you will have the money in your health savings account to pay for expenses not covered by your HDHP.
Is a Health Savings Account for Me?
Health savings accounts have many benefits, not least of which is the ability to save money tax-free. Other people, such as employers and family members, can also contribute to your account. Your savings roll over from year to year and once you reach age 65, funds can be used for retirement and non-qualified expenses. Your money can also grow in health savings account if you invest it in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
That said, a health savings account may or may not be right for your individual situation. Look into all of the health insurance options that are available to you and choose the coverage that works best for you and your pocketbook.

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New Year's Fitness Resolutions That Stick

It's that time of year again. Time to bring out the noisemakers and watch the Times Square countdown. For millions of us, it's also a time to make a resolution that we'll get fit in the New Year.

How to Become More Confident - 10 Ways to Build Your Confidence

What is confidence, if not the difference between feeling like the sky's the limit and the world is out to get you? Having enough self-confidence can often be the "make or break" deal when it comes to securing a job, striking a business deal or even a matter as simple as asking someone out on a date.

Easy Ways to Block Negative Energy

The clairvoyant knows there is much negative energy in the world today and he works on blocking the bad vibrations as much as he can. Our psychic friend uses common sense.

He uses the deep mysteries buried within esoteric circles. Our psychic works in the light, promoting all that is good an pure, showing ways to gain the uplifting and empowering energy, and how to block negative energy. If you want to find out how psychics achieve this breakthrough read on.

The challenges of our modern and busy lifestyle are great. Stress, broken relationships, and hacked to bits careers litter the streets. The emotional burning this causes within the soul of the modern individual is staggering.

There has to be a better way to block all kinds of negative energy, and to gain the positive kind that empowers you. There are metaphysical methods you can use. Here they are:

1. Use the Energy in Water
Often not taken seriously because it is so common, the ancients used water as a kind of generator in the manufacture of life force. They used water to cleanse, to purify, and applied it with skill to achieve their aims in the getting of positive energy.

When a psychic medium does a reading in private he often has a large bowl of water next to him to amplify his psychic viewing. This helps in a reading. It allows the clairvoyant to tune further into his intuition and to get psychic answers.

The cleansing power of water is well known in esoteric circles. The common , everyday, shower is a great way to wash off the bad vibrations one has picked up during the day. One often feels reborn after a good , hot shower. This is because water is very cleansing to the etheric and to the astral bodies which are a part of our inner self.

Our astral body , which surrounds the physical form like a body suit, collects all kinds of energetic rubbish in day to day living. This often leads to negative thinking, feeling down, and leads one down toward the downward spiral of life. Water, in the use of shower and bathing, works to fix this problem.

2. Apply Essential Oils
There are energy centers in our body energy psychic knows about. These energy centers are called chakras. They are wheels of energy. Essential oils like jasmine and eucalyptus have the ability to revive and to enliven chakra energy centers that are running below capacity.

Negative emotions, and being exposed to them on a continuous basis , will pull even the greatest saint down into the path of despair and loss of hope. Essential oils provide a barrier to block negative energy and to allow the positive and more expansive energy vibrations to flow.

3. Raw Food Eating
A clairvoyant respects the physical body and knows how empowering raw fruits, raw juices, and fresh vegetables are to his body system. If you feel light in the body you are well on the ay to feeling light and happy in the mind.

Our psychic friend has learned that raw foods are one of the easiest and most practical ways to raise energy levels. The more positive energy you bring into your life, through raw foods, upbeat people, and calm environments the less the negative energy can gain a foothold.

4. Earth Energy
Many psychics walk barefoot upon unspoiled grass to absorb the energy of nature and they store this energy like an accumulator only to release it later during some task they wish to achieve on the earth plane.

Tree hugging it still big in my book. The closer we get to nature, the more energy we have, and the better we feel. This is why crystals are so popular. Being a natural substance they are nice to handle often giving good energy vibrations, and are a pleasant contrast compared to all of the synthetic and man made materials we are surrounded by.

The clairvoyant method to block negative energy is 100% out of the box thinking. The methods are unusual, different, and esoteric, and yet a psychic is happy with these metaphysical methods because they work for him.


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Psychic Methods

Many people have experienced what they call occult or psychic experiences in life. Part of us, the logical mind, sometimes will refuse to accept such a possibility yet our common sense life experience will also tell us this is definitely something out of the ordinary scheme of things and that the psychic experience actually did occur.

I believe one would be amazed at how many psychic experiences have been reported. But psychic perception is not a new thing. Ever since the days of ancient Babylon , even the old civilization of Egypt, psychics have been around, living and surviving, and scattered in the population.

Telepathic Communication. Telepathy is the communication between two minds without any aid from outside sources.
Just two minds communicating. Much research has been done with telepathy, Mr Rhine and his testing, plus many other researchers, have investigated this important phenomena.

Chakra System. Many psychic development courses focus on the chakra system. Chakras are wheels of energy and when spinning at the optimum level greater perception and awareness is available.

Precognition. Sensing , or feeling, events about to happen is precognition. Somehow there is a tapping into the universal consciousness for information and understanding. Dreams and visions fall into this category.

Pyschometry Intuition. Feeling of rings, bracelets, and ear rings and telling what the person is like in their habits and manner is the field of psychometry.

The Iron Will. Some people can train their will power to almost unbelievable levels. The firewalk barefoot across hot coals, without any burns, is one such example.

Out of Body Travel. Astral travel out of the body is visiting locales while asleep and sending the energetic body to view the locale.

Psychics exist worldwide. Psychic experiences are limited not just to a single country, they are all over the world. Psychic experiences are part of the human condition, however unexplainable, nevertheless I believe one day we will have an answer to every psychic phenomena and it will be simple and practical.


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3 Simple Ways to Train Your Mind Muscles

Our Human mind needs to be taken care of like any other part of the body. Doing simple exercises will enable you to increase brain power, improve your memory and increase your IQ among other things. If you don't challenge your mind your brain capacity will decrease, this is especially important as you get older.

Why Learning Takes Time, Practice Makes Perfect and 10,000 Hours Makes One Amazing Brain Superhighway

If you are like millions around the world chances are you tuned into the recent 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. For many it was a chance to learn about the many disciplines and sports that aren’t normally televised while experiencing a little national pride. Common among all the athletes you watched is the serious amount of dedication they have for their sport. But to be competitive in any modern sport means more than just training the body.

No matter how much you try to drown it in mindless network sitcoms or celebrity gossip: the brain can’t stop learning. That learning results in having small neural pathways reconnected and switched around constantly to make the brain more efficient. The old adage of “use it or loose it” is especially true when it comes to the brain’s miserly nature.

Anytime you learn something new your brain connects new neurons to form neural pathways. These pathways transfer electrical messages and coordinate all the different components of our body to perform an action. Things like throwing a baseball involve a multitude of muscles working in perfect harmony - something that is all initiated and coordinated by the brain. Obviously this is a very simplistic interpretation but nonetheless crucial to understand the next bit.

All this rearrangement in the brain takes energy to do, as well as to sustain. That’s why learning a new skill that is complex or hard is so difficult - but also what allows practice to make perfect. The first time you try something completely new the brain starts making these little pathways to transfer the electrical messages as fast as it can. This process is referred to as “plasticity” of the brain. The more you do something, the more you’re telling your brain to keep reinforcing that pathway.

Think of these neural pathways as roads. Cars are the electrical impulses your brain sends out whenever you are learning. Therefore when you first start something new, your brain sends out its work crew and they construct a little dirt path to move those little cars.

All those cars end up struggling to just get over the path one at a time, with many becoming lost or jammed up. The result is you aren’t very good at whatever you’re learning... yet. But something amazing happens with persistence and practice. Because it’s costly to just build a highway that will only be used occasionally, you have to prove to your brain you’re serious. You do this in the form of practice and the brain lives for rewarding practice, literally. 

When your brain sees that more and more cars keep trying to cross that little dirt path, it constructs a paved road. Now cars are getting through, but they are still getting jammed up (more practice means more cars). So your brain keeps expanding and expanding until eventually you have a 10-lane superhighway and cars can speed along as fast as they’d like. The important thing to consider is that in order for your brain to keep expanding that highway, it constantly has to be pushed to its limits for traffic. That’s why challenging yourself is the only way to develop skills and get better. 

Okay, so maybe the everyday person doesn’t have time to build a “superhighway” but rest assured professional athletes have done exactly that, considering how much time they invest into their training. Studies suggest that it takes approximately 10,000 hours of practice to be considered an “expert” at something. It doesn’t matter if it’s sports, academics or a skill; the point is: inborn ability can only do so much.

For the average person practice and dedication are the only things that allow a person to grow. So unless you are the next Mozart or Einstein, if you want to be the best, better, or just able to play - the first step is to just do it (maybe Nike was on to something after all).

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