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How Memory is Stored Inside Our Brains and How to Improve It

Why do we easily remember some facts but not another?
Why do we remember more what we did on last New Years Eve than what we do 3 days ago?
How do we improve our memory?

Time Management Tips For Working at Home

Many people have the dream of working at home. Its easy to fantasize about waking up late, going out for a walk or to lunch in the middle of the day, and perhaps even wearing your slippers in the office. However, once you have found a way to make it happen, you still have to deal with time management issues.

Self Hypnosis - How to Do it Correctly

There's a lot of talk about self hypnosis, or hypnotizing yourself. This is primarily thanks to the fact that there are many benefits to self hypnosis, including getting rid of bad habits, including smoking, poor eating and so on.

Feng Shui Food for you Healing Purposes

Feng Shui is alifestyleand can be applied to just about anything and everything you do.  I have found through my own personal experience and updates from clients that even the smallest details when utilizing Feng Shui changes can make a difference.  A big principle in Feng Shui is your intention, the Law of Attraction.  20%  is physical change and 80% is intentional. 

Last month I had a dear friend who became sick and his health steadily declined as the days passed. Seeing this concerend me greatly so I offered my services as a friend and Feng Shui Consultant if I could space clear his home. My intention was to clear out "sick" energy to allow a healthier environment to manifest itself in his space.  I also offered to clear his Aura with the intention that his body would allow the extra energy needed to begin the healing process from with-in.  That night he called me up and noticed a suddle change, his appetite was a bit stronger...and that made me very excited!

To fight illness you need to feed your body in multiple ways, emotionally, spiritual and of course nutritionally.   It was a first step in the right direction.  The next day I visited him and offered to cook a meal.  When cooking my intention was  to create a meal that was, one really tasty, two continue to stimulate his appetite and three help him heal.  I took great care in pre-paring his food and this may sound silly, but I made sure to create it with "love."  Your energy is a powerful revenue for healing and if channeled correctly, it can have the potential to make a difference.  I want you to also be aware that presentation is key. 

Have you ever walked into a restaurant or cafe and became instantly hungry?  The reasons can be because of how the environment is set up, colors used (red for stimulating hunger), smells and the energy of the employees who greet you.  They all play a factor.  Bring this idea into a friend or loved ones home who is not feeling good and this can help with the healing process as well stimulating eating.

We all have the potential to help others along the pathway of healing.  When working with energy, you intention for the purpose is very important.  Be supportive in anyway, even if it is as simple as creating a meal. 

Copyright 2010 by Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan and Feng Shui Long Island. 516 528-3843.

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Top 5 Benefits of De-cluttering Your Home or Office

Clutter spaces are like hidden tax – they secretly steal away your creativity and energy.  The ether that surrounds us connects all us through energy neurons that are not entirely scientifically explained by modern science.  These energy neurons are clogged in presence of clutter.

Using Self Affirmation to Make a Positive Change

Many people suffer from low self esteem. The surprising discovery that many psychologists are now making is that this low self esteem is often accompanied by another characteristic which is equally debilitating for the victims of this kind of thinking.

Feng Shui Tips and Advice for everyday living by Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan

Feng Shui is a lifestyle and can be very easy to incorportate into your daily living.  Here are some simple tips you can use to start your day off in the most positve way.  Open your blinds and allow the outside in.  More then 80% of our time is spent inside our NYC apartments, homes and businesses.  Allowing the morning and afternoon sun into your space helps balance the energy inside. 

Do you find yourself not sleeping as soundly as you would like?  Take a look around your bedroom.  Does your bed have a sturdy wooden head board?  Having a wooden headboard according to Feng Shui Principles will promote better sleep because you are supported.  Look underneath your bed, is it clutter free? Try your best, especially in New York city apartments, because space is so tight, to keep that area clear.  In Feng Shui energy rises and when you sleep your are most open to energy.  If you have documents such a "Wills," school work, dumbbells or even sharp objects, that type of energy can disturb your rest and "clutter" your mind.  It would be best to place them in a closet for storage. 

Make sure to address all corners of you home.  Empty comers in Feng Shui can lead to energy becoming "stuck." Simple ideas of filling your corners can be with plants, wind chimes, artwork etc.  If you decide to use a plant make sure you choose "rounded leaves."  Basic rule of thumb for Feng Shui plants, stay away from prickly, pointed sharpe edged plants, ex. cactus.

This is a huge Feng Shui Principles, always acknowledge those who help you in life for this will lead to more opportunities in your future.   Individuals who help you do not have to offer big help, it can be simply lending you a dollar to ride the subway or the extra 25 cents to buy that can of soda or even give you directions to travel to Chelsea Piers, NY.  

Number one Feng Shui tip and I save it for last because you always here it, De-clutter.  Clutter in Feng Shui relates to your mind.  The more you lighten up the better your home, office and you will feel.  To help you de-clutter think, what ever I do not "need, use or love," I'll get rid of or donate.  

Try these changes, be aware of energy shifts and see how you and your environment feels.  For some it is instant and for others it can be a process, everyone's situation is unique.   

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