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Time Management Tips For Working at Home

Many people have the dream of working at home. Its easy to fantasize about waking up late, going out for a walk or to lunch in the middle of the day, and perhaps even wearing your slippers in the office. However, once you have found a way to make it happen, you still have to deal with time management issues.

50 Ways to Savor Your Life

Here is a great list of 50 way you can enjoy life.

Top 5 Benefits of De-cluttering Your Home or Office

Clutter spaces are like hidden tax – they secretly steal away your creativity and energy.  The ether that surrounds us connects all us through energy neurons that are not entirely scientifically explained by modern science.  These energy neurons are clogged in presence of clutter.

Using Self Affirmation to Make a Positive Change

Many people suffer from low self esteem. The surprising discovery that many psychologists are now making is that this low self esteem is often accompanied by another characteristic which is equally debilitating for the victims of this kind of thinking.

How To See Aura and Aura Color Meaning

The aura or energy field that surrounds all living things can contain many vibrant colors. A special camera called a Kirlian Camera can photograph the aura and reveal the aura colors of an individual.

Thoughts on Creativity

Creativity can be learned. You may think you are not a creative person and creativity is for people like those who sit and write books, songs or create movies, etc. You may think creativity is something that comes natural to some people and you are not in that group, or you just don’t need to be creative.

Practicing Buddhism Brings About Many Benefits

This religion can seem difficult to understand when you first begin but if you take the time to learn the basic tenants, then you can find your own happiness and sense of self-fulfillment that many miss in life.


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