Being Happy Has Many Health Benefits

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Clean out your medicine cabinet. Just by being happy, people make themselves healthier. "Being happy leads to a better health as well as fewer cardiac problems, less risk of cancer and a stronger immune system and better surgery outcomes, explains Sonja Lyubomirsky, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside.

"In addition, it leads to more creativity, better relationships and more productivity at work." Lyubomirsky is the author of "the How to f Happiness."  According to landmark 2008 survey of 10,000 Australians, happiness can significantly boost your health and doctors are becoming increasingly interested in happiness as a health factor in curing many illnesses. "And doctors are in a good position to help since people will go to a doctor before going to a psychologist. But more research is necessary before government start promoting happiness as a health cure.

According to the survey, happier people may engage in better health habits (exercise, more medical checkups, etc.). Happier people have closer friends and stronger social support which has been associated with health.  There is also appears to be a direct link between  positive affect and bio markers, e.g. positive feelings may strengthen one's immune function.

Source: Metro

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